Table Dive

Deep Dive | Honey Heist

July 26, 2023 Table Dive Season 4 Episode 1
Table Dive
Deep Dive | Honey Heist
Show Notes

Our current Dive is actually a series of 3 simple one-page games by Grant Howitt.
Up first on that list is probably the most notable of the three, Honey Heist.  A very simple game that has 2 plot points


  1. You have a very complex plan that requires precise timing.
  2. Your a goddamn bear.


All the rules you need are right there on the page even tables to set up the scenario. Come join us for some hectic adventures as our bears try to steal back the honey from whoever has taken it.


------ Cast------
Tyler - Bear Master
Travis (Grandma) Barry Potter
Stefan (Iffin) Panda
Chris - Sunny

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